Jeanne’s Moos-t Unusual as Journalist

Never afraid to be real, Jeanne Moos enjoys a good laugh–and she gives us one, nightly. 

Well…I love her, for she’s always got an unusual take on the things we all note. And her view is usually spot-on.  She’s not averse either, to making a fool of herself, in front of the camera, as when she faux-climbs a silly set of rocks made to mimic the famous Utah heights seen in the Citibank  commercial.

Yep, there’s Jeanne, in black leather fashion gloves, scaling a boulder that’s probably rising up a full 5 feet.  But camera angle makes it look like she’s a serious rock climber (Please note–the commercial’s climbers scale real heights.)

Her physical look’s unique, too…straight plaits of hair hanging down; she’s probably a size 12; and she’s decidedly not blonde (hear that, Fox Channel?). In fact, Jeanne Moos looks like most of the female population…you know, the ones who’d probably never get jobs in front of a camera ‘cuz they’re just too darned ‘average-looking.’

But this woman’s made a niche for herself, and it isn’t atop a precipitous rock formation.  She follows up all the really serious stuff Wolf Blitzer (with a name like that, how can his news be ‘serious’?) and Jack Cafferty  comment on, every night, on CNN.

In her flat, almost dead-pan voice, she spotlights the ‘other’ news of the day, as sort of comic-relief (coming on the heels of all the bad news.)  Watch her in action and listen to her narrative.  Then, tell me:  “Do you agree that Jeanne Moos should get an Emmy  for her “60-Second Light Journalism Spot?” I’m going to start the process here of nominating her…It should go over well with CNN…Aren’t they the station that hails heroes?

So, officially– I nominate Jeanne Moos as “60-Second Light Journalist”…”Will someone second me?”  Let’s get this ball rolling, telling the networks we want more Jeanne Moos types in our nightly news, for that drumbeat of negativity is killing us.

Now, below is the Citibank commercial…I hope Moos’ lampooning of it is the leap into the stratosphere (of awards) Jeanne Moos deserves, due to recognition of folks like me.  She makes us laugh at our humanity, a nice turnabout in a world where inhumanity is the usual focus.  But be forewarned:  That song will stick in your mind for days…

Now, here’s the CNN website link…Let’s start the ball rolling of getting her nominated.  Send your comment to them regarding how we’d like to see more of Jeanne Moos’s humor and less of the hard, dry ‘facts.’

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