It’s Official: Grandpa and the Truck Is Now a Series


Yep…We’ve just become a series in that Grandpa and the Truck:  Book 2 is officially released.  This second book joins Book 1–released this past July (seems like years ago.)

I must say:  This producing of books is perhaps one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do…harder than teaching…harder even than putting out a 3-times-a-week blog–Biddy Bytes– for which I really wrote 7 days a week (I kid you not!!)

Why?  Because there’s no gameplan or protocol guaranteeing one success…Just yards and yards of effort and putting oneself out there, hoping to get the message across.  What drives me?  I believe in our message and the form we use to deliver it:  children’s books that combine a myriad of skills and information.  Beautifully-illustrated by a professional artist.

But the usual barometers are missing:  We have no PR company; or agent;  or publisher.

We do all of this ourselves.  That means we’re ever in the front lines.

What keeps us committed to the project?  The little girls who showed up at East Greenwich Library this past Saturday morning to hear our presentation of Grandpa and the Truck stories. One mother of a particularly bashful girl said: “Oh, my husband’s a trucker and she has 5 brothers. She LOVES trucks.” I couldn’t wait to tell her about the “Girl Truckers” story in Book 2. Its message is:  People should choose careers based on their interests and abilities–not on whether they’re boys or girls, and it’s based on two real-life Rhode Island women who became crack, long-haul truckers.

But that’s not the only exciting aspect of Book 2.  The first story (every Grandpa and the Truck book has 2) is “Grandpa Meets the Hurricane,” about my trucker husband’s stay in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1969 when Hurricane Camille blew into town (with 190 mph winds.) He awoke in the middle of the night to find the roof ripped off the motel where he was staying.

Yep…2 books are now out with more in the wings…or on the loading dock…

That makes us a series.

Below are other scenes from the stories…and click the following for the link to the website.

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