Don’t Believe in Spiritual Things? Try This….

(Here’s the plate. Note the younger child looking through the tall grasses, as the older girl looks on. That grass was the same that appeared on the wallpaper in my new home… same color, same type.)

As I’ve said, I put my home on the market recently, but I have mixed feelings about selling it. Why? It’s a spiritual thing. You see, I believe this house was meant for me; it’s been a source of comfort at especially trying times, and it has a Zen quality. Let me explain.

When my fiancee and I determined we’d get married, we began shopping for our home. The house I own today was the first one I saw in our quest to identify that new home. It was March 17th., St. Patrick’s Day, when I entered it for the first time. I came in and immediately fell in love.

It was a raw, gloomy day, but the house seemed cheerful and it almost spoke to me. Frankly, I thought I was nuts. Then, too, I thought: “Get a grip, Colleen. This is the first house you’ve even looked at. Don’t be so quick to jump.”

With that, I hurriedly set up appointments to look at about 30 more–all within the next few days. But none of them affected me. Quite simply, I was smitten.

As a result, we came in at full price, put a hefty deposit on it, had no contingencies except “getting financing” (which wasn’t going to be a problem.) That same night we were told we “had the house.”

But we lost the house. Somehow, something went very wrong, indeed.

Our agent told us: “Sorry, the owners accepted another bid. They were concerned about your saying you were going for a “large loan.”

I shot back: “What?” “We didn’t HAVE to do that. We merely meant we needed the tax write-off since we both were professionals with good salaries.” But it was of no consequence…the owner had decided…we had no alternative. Oh, I personally called her and her realtor, pleading our case, but I got nowhere. I feared collusion by the seller’s realtor, a finagling of the circumstances, favoring another buyer who came through her office.

Over the next two days, I was emotionally wracked. But heeding the adage of “If you fall off the horse, get back on,” I began to look at other houses. However, they only confirmed my sense of loss. I was grieving, and my loss was profound.

Then, a strange thing happened: I got a call 3 days later that went like this:

My realtor: “Are you sitting down?”
I responded: “Yes.”
Realtor: “The other agreement has fallen through. The buyers apparently didn’t have the money, after all. The seller has said that if you resubmit your original offer, they’ll entertain no other offers at this time, and you‘ll get the house”

Oh, I had friends that said: “Well, I hope you submitted a far lower bid, after all your grief,” and I said, “No, we offered what we had initially.” I wanted this house badly and I wasn‘t going to lose it by playing hardball.

Long story..short? We got the house and I’ve lived here for the past 20 years.

Now, here comes the spiritual part: My mother gave me a house gift at the time…even before she saw the house. It’s an antique plate with a beautiful picture painted on it of a young girl with her much smaller sister in Japan. They’re dressed in their native garb, and the younger girl is hunting for something in the tall grass.

When we took possession of the house, I noted the wallpaper of tall grasses in the living and dining rooms of our new home looked identical to that on background of the plate (and it was most unique.) And the two girls of vastly different ages wearing Japanese garb? They look eerily like my daughters when they were 12 and 2 on an occasion in our former home when I made a Japanese meal and we all dressed for the occasion (I submit the picture below.)

That plate today stands front and center on a shelf in my home, for it represents a powerful spiritual link to a home I was meant to have…a home that could not be denied me………….no matter what.

The spiritual things are all around us in this life…we just have to allow them to play out and trust that there’s a reason for everything that happens…even if we can’t understand it at the time.

Here are pictures of my two girls at our former home in Edgewood, Rhode Island, where we dressed for our Japanese dinner, years before we got the house with the grass wallpaper and years before my Mom gave me the plate as a house gift.

***And if you missed it–here’s the post I wrote about putting my house on the market. Pix are included. If you know of someone special who might love it, by all means, tell them to get in touch with me:

*****Our first Open House for this home at 121 Overhill Road, in Warwick, Rhode Island, is this Sunday, July 17, 2011 from 2-4…Stop by if you’re in the area…I’ll be hosting. And I am having this Open House, absolutely knowing that whatever I do or don’t do won’t matter, for the future will play out just as it should, despite any action on my part. Frankly, that’s comforting.

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