Call to Arms for “National Scrunchie Day”


(**To the right are the now-infamous scrunchies.)

I’m so tired of it—the minimizing of women, that is.  You see, I’m of the generation of the 60’s, the women who “bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.” 

What did all the suffragetting do for us?  Most of us took on two full-time jobs (home and workplace) without a corresponding shift in what marital partners did…..

Yes, we “New Women” shouldered all the heavy lifting… while still needing to look fetching and feminine (Think Barbara Billinglsey of “Leave It to Beaver,”  but with a second job– outside the home).

In careers, we never played on a level playing field with the guys—and I shudder to say (based on what I read and see in the media today):  We still don’t.

And until we do something serious about it (like marshall our troops)–we won’t.

For instance, one of my gender still hasn’t come close to ascending top spot in the land (despite the fact we’re the majority of the electorate.)  Pretty remarkable considering other countries we once considered ‘3rd. world’ have blazed ahead of us with women as Presidents and Premiers (Brazil, Thailand, and some Arab nations, to name a few.)

Nope, the title of ‘Leader of the Free World’ resides—still–with males. They’re not even all that spectacular (Romney, Edwards, McCain.)

But a woman better be, if she’s even whispered about in that league.

Oh, we came close.  Hillary Clinton ran a grueling campaign against Barack Obama in 2008, but we all know what happened there. 

That was the campaign where the McCain team gave a hasty, ill-advised nod to Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, for VP, but when everyone woke up to the fact “Hell, she could be President if something happened,“ his candidacy plummeted.

Yep, McCain/Palin burned and crashed.  But Palin recouped—nicely, rising to media glory, as commentator for the Fox network (she has youth and good looks on her side.).  

No, Hillary didn’t make it as President but she’s cut an imposing figure as Secretary of State. 

Quick on her feet and hardly known for the legendary gaffes of VP, Joe Biden (gotta love him, with his latest reference to “Will and Grace” being catalyst for gay acceptance in the land,) she’s managed success in trying times.

She negotiated mightily during the Arab Spring, helping jettison Egypt’s tyrannical ruling group; she was present (even if some tried to white her out) in the Situation Room of the White House, as top brass witnessed Navy Seals’ infiltration of Bin Laden’s Palestinian compound, bringing on his ultimate demise; she strong-armed India, recently, into not buying Iranian oil.

She oversaw negotiating sessions with countries who held our citizens as ‘spies,’ resulting in their release.

She’s succeeded at all, during especially-difficult times.

But, what’s the latest on Hillary?  Media outlets call her ‘frumpy’ and careless about her appearance.  They pan her ‘lack of makeup’ (she puts on ‘a bit of lipstick’).  Most of all, they attack her penchant for pulling her hair back with a scrunchie, and I totally get her doing that (I never understood the Jennifer Anniston ‘do’ with forelocks hanging perpetually.) 

They claim she’s let herself go.

What they don’t realize is– there’s a growing number of women tired of the perpetual war-cry that tells our gender to shoot for the standard set by the Kardashians and the “Housewives of New Jersey.”

They focus on appearance as our prime importance, while I don’t recall ever hearing that about elder statesman Adlai Stevenson. No, that gentleman was respected for his knowledge, brain power, and negotiating skills.

So—media—leave Hillary Clinton alone.  Or if you must be loud and obnoxious, do it proclaiming her accomplishments.  They’re long overdue. Don’t wait in the wings and pounce because she’s gained weight, or looks tired (why wouldn’t she?), or doesn’t bother to pander to fashion’s dictates.

In the meantime, I, too, will sport a scrunchie (that’s how one spells it,) signaling I’ve got more important things to do than make sure makeup’s right or hair’s professionally-coiffed. 

In that mode, I invite all women to support National Scrunchie Day (I know many of you still have them in a drawer somewhere). If you need to order,  this site  provides.

We’ll need you young women to start the campaign cuz you know how to do it (Follow the lead of the woman who originated the “Drop Your Bank” campaign and other woman who began the Pink Slime movement.  Both achieved national prominence.)

Besides, it’s well-nigh-time we women pool our resources, since each day sees more of a chipping away of our rights.

Identify the day,  set up the Facebook page, and send out the Tweets calling for that day of reckoning in the weeks ahead.  Tell media outlets:  “Stop attacking our substantive women!” “Stop reducing our importance to appearance.” 

Join Twitter (if you haven’t already) and let’s set it on fire with our Tweets (Tweet me @biddybytes.)

…Sure, scrunchies are little (no bigger than your wrist,) but it’s a beginning. And a nation of women wearing them on a specific day will send a powerful message that’ll set the fashion industry on its rear… while they keep the hair out of our eyes (Ms. Anniston will thank us.)


Here’s the article demonstrating Hillary’s reaction.…What are your thoughts on this?  Comment buttons below.

P.S. If this works, it won’t be the first time a national campaign was begun by a Rhode Island woman.  Who do you think started the “Drop Your Bank” campaign?…We’re a feisty group.


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