“I’ll Have a Bailey….Please”

(Bailey and Joan Robley about town, summer 2010)

She researched her retirement gift to herself with the same zeal as many search for retirement homes. Simply put, Joan Robley wanted a dog that would make a great family pet (no sinking canines into the mail delivery person); she wanted a non-shedder, non-barker, non-jumper, with calm temperament.

When she got her Golden Doodle, she got waaay more than she bargained for.

For Bailey is unmatched. Long, caramel-colored eyelashes, with a bit of scotching on the ears, lend all the more character to his creamy white, close-cropped, soft-to-the-touch fur. He’s kind (really…you can see it in his eyes) and sensitive in that “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” way.

In other words, Bailey has humility.

Why do I assign such sterling characteristics to a dog? When people fawn over him (and they do everywhere), Bailey lowers his fantastic, fringed eyes, appearing self-conscious from too much attention. It’s a treat to see in today’s narcissistic, self-absorbed society (even of canine variety).

For, I’ve seen the pedigree pups on the American Kennel Club circuit and they’re nothing like Bailey. Those dogs know they’re groomed for greatness. You see it in their walk and stance. They strut…they pose…they deign to give us audience, for they are the blueblood line of the animal world where there are no pretenders. A quick check of the stats tells the story of their lineage: “Abby’s Tanenhaus,” son of “Motley’s Perdition” and “Abby’s O’Neill”.

But Bailey has no such pretense—just a marvelous disposition and knock-out good looks.

Joan researched breeders and did her homework (not surprising; she’s a teacher of 30+ years) to find the perfect companion, and those-in-the-know warn son, Chris: “Be on your toes; Bailey might replace you in the will.”

In the meantime, Joan’s got herself the ultimate retirement gift….a true friend, soft and cuddly for winter nights, well-mannered, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Does he sometimes play to the audience, as when (upon directive from Joan’s husband Steve) he climbs into the back seat of the car, sits, and crosses his feet demurely? Why not? He’s probably watched the AKC shows, too.

Finally– did I mention Bailey’s hair (fur) is the exact color of Joan’s? Tell me these two weren’t destined to be together…..

P.S. A happy consequence of retirement is: we now get to pick out the pets we want

P.P.S……Now post your own pet story at www.biddybytes.com, introducing us to your pet. No password necessary. Make him/her “come alive” for us, sharing the traits that make/made your pet memorable. Don’t be shy: tell us how they are howlingly funny or purrfectly lovely (couldn’t resist)…Let us in on the fun!

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