Will Your Job Be Relevant in the Time Ahead?


(Writers and journalists make notoriously little money–unless they’re Walter Cronkite, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, etc. The rest of us need utilize all avenues to reach out to an audience…)

I’m never gonna rest on my laurels, as in retire completely. I’m just not built that way. I like to think I’m like the former CEO of Chrysler, Lee Iacoca who once said:  “There’s only so many luncheons.”  He went back to work after he retired. 

I’ve done that several times over.

I’ve been working since I was 12.  Papergirl to my brothers’ 200-customer routes, when their sports interfered (and since they were in many sports, I substituted, often.) 

Then, I got working papers when I was 15 to begin my job at a local A&P grocery store, as check-out clerk, pumping in prices (there were no bar codes then,) taking money, making change (I had to figure that…no automatic change maker then,) packing bags.

Following that, I had waitress jobs that taught me how to interact with the public; I was Resident Assistant at my college’s dorm in my senior year; I held a Census job my father helped me get (where I went into many mill house duplexes in our town; it’d be considered dangerous work today); I worked as an aide in the state mental institutions for two summers (letting me know the weekly TV series, American Horror Story, isn’t really all-fiction); I tutored for hourly wages.

My serious adult job as a schoolteacher began in 1967 and I did that job  for 30 years.  I retired from that, in 1997.

Next, I went into real estate, for eight years. Some weekends saw me host 8 Open Houses.  But I left that, too. I’d battled breast cancer which forced me to reflect:  “Did I really want to give up precious time for money?” 

My answer:  “I couldn’t see husband and I getting into the multi-family rental business (what else to do with the money?)” 

So, I walked away at the top of my game…walked away to write, full-time.

I entered a market that’s a Brave New World.  Today, successful writers need use social media to succeed:  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have become the playing fields.  

Know what else?  I’m one of a minority of 65+ folks schooling herself in this.  How do I know?   I read comments and posts on all sorts of sites that tell me this is a young peoples’ game.

But here’s what I believe:  Learning today’s skills will sharpen me as social commentator on the world wide web.  I might bring a semi-unique perspective, as person who’s witnessed a lot of history and who can comment on such , in the language of Twitter/FB/LinkedIn.

Pinterest still eludes me…but I’ll crack it, too.

The days of the 3-minute elevator speech are done. Why?  No one’s gonna give you that much time, again. To succeed today, you need  to be kicky, smart, productive in waaayyy less time.  You gotta capture, hold, and close in a much smaller window. 

In other words, in almost all forums, you’ve gotta Talk “Tweet” (the 140 character limit in Twitter.)

Then, too:  I don’t take anything for granted.  Maybe I’ll need another job in my future…. Maybe my pension will disappear.

I believe in being prepared…Besides, I like to work and I like learning new things. 

I’m suiting up for that challenge…now.

Here’s a link that tells you which jobs are the most sought after now.  No.3  is the one I’m shooting for. Young folks would be wise to check out where future jobs will be, for there’s no guarantee their current jobs won’t evaporate.  Making yourself ever-marketable is just plain “Good business.”

P.S…In Twitter, I’m @truckerkidz (Grandpa and the Truck) and @biddybytes for this blog. Grandpa and the Truck’s on Facebook, too.  Because these things count, please “Like Us” if you haven’t already.

As for LinkedIn and Pinterest, I’m just getting started there…..but I gotta say:  I LOVE the imagination and creativity I’m already finding on Pinterest…. 

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