I Confess: “I Love a Good Revenge Story”

(View from a cell of the infamous Chateau d’If, the prison fortress setting where the Count of Monte Cristo spent fourteen grueling years.)

Oh, I read the book all right, and when I did, I became the Count of Monte Cristo.  As Alexander Dumas’s main character, Edmond Dantes, I was the poor young man sent to the prison fortress, where he befriended rats–or ate them  (I might have exaggerated that) and became the protege through the cell walls of a priest  Abbe who tutored me and told me where his vast fortune lay hidden. 

When the Abbe died, I tunneled through the wall, cut the brown burlap bag in which prison guards enshrouded his dead body, sewed it back up, trading places with his corpse.  

When they tossed what they thought was his body over the prison walls, into the sea, I freed myself and escaped…  Then I proceeded, over the next many years, to wreak havoc on the three men who’d framed me, one of whom had taken my love.

We always talk about it–Karma and the oft-repeated phrase, “What goes around comes around.”  We like to believe there’s some kind of justice awaiting those who are unjust.

And network programmers know there are a lot of us out there, for they’ve got a whopping success, in their weekly series aptly named “Revenge,” starring the young lady you see top left.

Set in the provileged atmosphere of the Hamptons (where everyone’s just a bit richer than his neighbor,) Emily comes back to wreak revenge on all who did her Daddy wrong by framing him and bringing on his untimely death by assassination in a prison.

Furthermore, she’s no longer the vagabond girl forced to live life in an institutional setting, by virtue of some terrible consequences.  She’s polished and honed into a meticulous avenger bent on recovering her father’s tarnished name.

So, yes, it’s unrealistic (where’d she get all the wealth?); yes, it’s crazy (she comes out pretty much unscathed against some pretty tough characters who know no bounds); she’s a skilled warrior in Asian martial arts (think Kung Fu with blonde mane); she keeps her emotions ever in check (tho’ we did see uncharacteristic crying in last episode).

In other words, Emily is a heroine we just love, getting revenge on some really terrible people. And just like I loved “Count of Monte Cristo,” I love this series…I’ll miss it while they all cook up season 2.

What have we viewers been given to chew on, in the months ahead, as we wait?  Well, orphan Emily’s Mom is apparently alive (didn’t see that coming and I wonder what her story is); plane exploded with demon woman on it and the mistress/almost-wife of patriarch, as all went to hearings in Washington concerning Dad’s nefarious actions; Emily’s just learned true love Jack’s been revisited by Amanda who’s now pregnant with his baby (thus killing her intention to reveal to him her true identity and why do I suspect that’s not true–the fact she’s pregnant with HIS baby?)

So far, it hasn’t had the scorch and burn effect of “Hatfields and McCoys” on the history channel (a surprisingly good production)…

But then again, that was based on real-life, factual events; “Revenge” is make-believe…It can take serious liberties with a person’s obsessive drive for this kind of thing. What do you think?  Seen “Revenge?” Are you hooked?  Did you see “Hatfield and McCoys”? Opinion there? 


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