How to Fight Writer’s Block in 4 Easy Steps


(Here’s a den–course, ours will have to be ‘virtual’…but that’s OK, too.)

As a writer, my mind’s always active—sometimes too much so (as when I try to go to sleep.) I’m always crafting stories in my head that eventually appear on my blogsite. They start out as random observations on life, politics, the medical world, pop culture, the environment, families and a host of other things.

My friend asked me, when I was in my eighth month of pumping out three-times-a-week posts:  “Do you ever fear running run out of ideas?”  In other words, she wanted to know if I ever suffer writer’s block, the bane of all who try to dazzle—or even inform– with the written word. 

I told her I hadn’t run into that problem—yet.  Why do I think that is?  I find material all around me.

People are my laboratory of unsuspecting specimens. I note their traits and behaviors; I watch how they mimic trends and how they stand apart; I watch their fashion or lack thereof, (and I’m in this category). I talk with everyone.  

Then I agree or disagree, in print, taking a stand… sometimes as mere contrarian, for the sake of argument.

In other words, I’ve trained myself to be a super-sleuth in observing people.  Oh, not in an in-your-face obnoxious kind of way but merely noting behaviors. 

And when people don’t pique my interest, nature does.

Then, too, I have the advantage of age.  At 66, I’ve witnessed political dramas, major world events, social and cultural trends, movements, the rise and fall of celebs in the Hollywood world, the sports arena…the pop icons. All this gives me a vast repository that acts as context, and I use it as such.

But here are other sure-fire resources to help stoke the fires if my brain doesn’t co-operate:

  1.  Using my  bar, on my computer (yes, you have to download I note the big stories of the day (often political or pop culture) and comment on these.
  2. I note trends flying under my own radar by scanning television programs?  Bunker-Building  is one (and isn’t that hopeful?) I wrote on such, believing it an aberrant movement and then discovered that that post pulled in– hands-down– my biggest audience, ever, and it keeps doing that, despite the fact I wrote it over 6 months ago (blame the keywords people use to search something on their broswers.) From this, I’ve realized:  There’s a REALLY big audience of bunker builders out there (it’s why two television shows are dedicated to such,) and they never give up (even if they appear to be a silent majority, as in ‘I got very few comments on this post.’).  The good news is:  If the bad stuff goes down (as they suspect), perhaps they’ll be reading my blog 30 feet under the earth, but it will have to be back posts, since I probably won’t be around, topside.
  3. From another metric device–Google Analytics— I’ve determined folks love stuff on pop culture—but with particular players:  my Jamie Lee Curtis Activia always does well, as does anything I write about Clint Eastwood.
  4. I observe…observe…observe.

But writing’s like exercise—steady attention to it, on a daily basis, gets the juices (and a writer’s metabolism) flowing.

If you’re on the verge of writing (a blog), just dip your little toe into the writers’ pool…It gets addictive (but it’s a good kind) and you’ll learn many things in the process.  You don’t have to write often (some bloggers write posts once a month.) Identify your area of interest (that’ll be your niche market)…then tap into your creative juices…and do the hardest thing of all (perhaps):  Hit the “Publish” button.

Voila…You’re a published writer.  Congratulations!

So the question is: “How do you stoke the fires of creativity (light a bomb) under your brain?” (If you’re a writer)…

or “What’s stopping you from trying your hand at this?” (If you’re considering becoming one?) If it’s fear of writer’s block, I just told you how to get around that…If it’s fear of writing, per se, you might begin by Commenting on my posts…that’ll ease you into the arena.

Be forewarned:  If you “Comment,” below, that act qualifies you as published writer:)  Then, using the buttons below, send this encouraging post to other would-be writer friends and we can form out own little writers’ den…C’mon…it’ll be fun…




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