How ‘Human’ Are Animals, Anyway?


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? (Pretend-hear that lilting voice of Mother Superior in the background, in “The Sound of Music.”)

To the right, is a photo by bortescristian of Flickr, depicting the usual scenario regarding duck pairings (I’m not talking gourmet foods with wine here)–but the male to female kind.

The account of a love relationship I include below is considerably different, as you’ll see.  It’s proof positive that animals have far more going on “upstairs” than people give them credit for.  It’s why we use them (and their superior senses) for finding people who are lost, and recovering others in less-satisfactory situations.  

This story of romance is about a goose named “Maria” and the object of her affection.

I guarantee it will put a smile on your lips and tend to make you question eating duck, goose, or similar, for all time.  Bon appetit! (regarding the article, that is)

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