“Granny, Get Your Gun”


(Title’s a take-off on the famous Broadway show, “Annie, Get Your Gun”)

Be forewarned:  This post may surprise and disturb some, but considering we all live in America and enjoy freedom of speech, I’m asserting mine here. I am not advocating this extreme measure for all–Just those who have reason to fear. Feel free to disagree or even voice your concerns below.


I’m angry…Both daughters of mine have called me this past week and they were crying.  Why?  Serious crime in their neighborhoods.  The older one told me that two homes a few houses from hers were hit, by burglars, when their occupants were home. Now, that’s an even scarier thought than “just hit.” Why is it all the more frightening for her?  She works from home, and she’s got 3 little kids.

The younger one told me of another horrible event:  A 25-year-old woman was found naked, in a lot adjoining hers.  She’d been the victim of a brutal attack and sexual assault. She was left for dead. The neighborhood is stunned, for serious crime “doesn’t happen there.” Now, my daughter is on edge and nervous, afraid to walk around lest she be the next victim of a crazed, would-be killer.

Maybe it’s the economy…maybe it’s the general erosion of values all through society, but this stuff seems to be happening with ever-increasing frequency, which leads to my point:  I’ve told my daughters to arm themselves….any way they can.

Two years ago a perpetrator preyed on young women and older couples who walked in the woods, in the region of North Carolina’s Pisgah Forest  (a huge swath of land).  Husband and I live near that region five months of the year.

Anyone less than robust (weaker than he) was his focus. He took a young woman captive, released her dog in a neighboring town (animal rights activist?) and then proceeded to do terrible things to her, before he killed her.

In similar fashion, he attacked the older couple strolling in the woods, savaging one, then keeping the other for several days afterwards.  Both ultimately succumbed.  He treated all in the cruelest fashion.

Why did this news account especially disturb me (even more than it normally would)?  We walk those same woods… often. We could have been that older couple.  I think of them frequently, whenever we go about now. 

So, what do I tell my daughters in a day when crimes are ever-more-frequent? 

Buy a gun and learn gun safety and know-how (to provide ease with the equipment.) In really risky areas, I might even apply for a permit to’carry.’  You see, I know I can’t count on a felon’s finer sentiments; those seem to be in short supply these days, as we hear these horrific accounts. And as society deteriorates in tough economic times, the victim list grows, as does the severity of the crimes.

My daughter said her boyfriend is going to apply for a permit for her to carry pepper spray which just about sent me over the edge, as I thought:  “Why do the good people need to apply for this, while outlaws have access to everything?” How crazy is this?!!!

In the meantime, I’m buying the stuff on-line and bringing it to her. If she uses it in the midst of an attack (without a permit), I dare authorities to press charges. If they do, I’ll be pressing my own position on this blog. 

In the end, what on earth is wrong with a world where the innocents are treated as felons and felons operate with abandon?

***And if you’re wondering how this post is “encouragement in a difficult world,” (the name of my blog), think about it:  I’m encouraging all to be proactive, defending themselves appropriately.  In that way, we’re never hapless victims. 

But I know my stand (heavily armed as it is) is a controversial one.

In the end, protection is everyone’s best defense. Stay safe, enroll in courses, and arm yourselves with self-defense training and even weapons, if you deem them necessary (just make sure you store weapons in safe places so little ones don’t get)……..Biddy’s ‘ever a realist.’ 

Click on this site to get less invasive response items (pepper spray, etc.) and note its name….no accident there. Finally, read the accounts from this site  Aware.org, which notes women who’ve protected themselves well, following this advice…You will be amazed. I love the fact, too, that this writer calls older people ‘Chronologically Gifted.’

Finally, want REAL PROOF that what I write here (about certain segments of population arming themselves)? Read this link, called “Granny Get Your Gun”  from beaconseniornews.com. It offers facts to back up a new trend.

***But what’s your thoughts on all of this?  How are you coping with the deluge of negative news? How would you advise your sons and daughters who live in this new world?

***And tune in next Monday to read about Husband’s ‘Deliverance’ Experience…I promise:  You’ll get a kick out of it. I can hear those dueling banjos now.

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