Grandpa and the Truck Stories for Little Ones (4-8 years old)



Got a little one fascinated by trucks? Well, you’re in luck because now you can order Grandpa and the Truck books that teach geography (as the big rig moves across America), historical events, (like the Woodstock Music Festival,) Nature’s fury in the form of hurricanes and ice-slicked roads, America’s diversity and beauty, and amazing life lessons. 

Little ones will ride alongside Grandpa (as younger trucker) in the big rig, learning about their great country from one who’s seen it all–a long-haul trucker who traveled every state (with the exception of one.)

Book 1 contains: “It’s Not Always Wise to Follow the Leader,” showing what happens when a string of cars blindly follows a “smokie” (policeman) on a fog-enshrouded highway in northern California and “Ralph and the Bloodhounds” which tells the harrowing, but exciting tale of Grandpa’s trucking partner as he walked into the Virginia woods one night, to get fuel. Both teach important lessons.

Book 2 has “Grandpa Meets the Hurricane,” where this trucker personally feels the effects of one of Mother Nature’s most powerful forces and “Girl Truckers,” showcasing two Rhode island women who broke the glass ceiling of the trucking industry to become successful long-haul truckers (proving gender should never dictate career choice).

Book 3 (in development stage) has “The Watermelon Truck” showing how Grandpa (as young trucker) experienced the Woodstock Music Festival in the 60’s. Hint…It wasn’t the usual way of other festival-go’ers. That story joins “Grandpa’s West Virginia Mountain Road Experience,” relating one of this trucker’s trickiest deliveries up a winding mountain road in coal-mining territory, where a little girl awaits her toys.

Let us know how your little ones like our books (comment section on the website).  We’ll post pictures, too, of your little one, if you send (see the Tyler triplets above.) Stories are  based on actual, real-life experiences of a man who became a legend in his industry, a trucker named to his company’s Elite Fleet, for driving millions of miles without accident.


Trucker Paul Wesley Gates (“Gater” by his CB handle) and Writer/Wife, Colleen Kelly Mellor

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