Get a Life–Magazine, That Is….

Remember Life magazine?  This one came out on Nov. 19, 1945, 10 days past my first birthday and just look at the cover–a focus on belts (it was a much simpler era.)

The model seems to have a waist that vied with Scarlet O’Hara’s in Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” (17 inches!) achieved via a tight corset, as the link explains.

I paid $15.00 for this copy, recently, in a second-hand store where they had stacks of them, catalogued by date of issue.  As such, they’re a vast repository of times past.  My family used to get them delivered to our home, when I was growing up. A 2-year subscription cost $8.50; a single copy cost 10 cents–then.

This particular issue has a story about our troops relaxing in a Pacific Island (World War II was all but over,) enjoying the dancing of native women who are conspicuously naked on top.  How could Life magazine publish provocative pictures in a literary forum meant for families?  Simple…Since the women were an indigenous culture, pictures of them naked weren’t considered ‘sexual,’ by publishers.  Imagine!

I’m sure the men sitting about, watching them, never made such a distinction.

Her’s a link at which you can order back copies of Life magazine.  They make terrific reference to the era many of us grew up in, and they’re not bad as coffee table literature, either…

Put them out and see where the talk flies…

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