Brief Respite from the Savage Season

(Photo by CKMellor)

Flowers in sartorial splendor greet summer visitors before the main entryway to Stonewall Kitchen, in York, Maine. People come in droves to buy the jams, jellies, sauces and much-desired accoutrements of cooks and gourmands everywhere. Because of that, Stonewall Kitchens has become a “Must-See” destination in its own right.

Once you’ve clicked and gone onto the Stonewall Kitchen site (below), further click on the “Our Cafe” categoy on left-hand side. Now, scroll down the list of luncheon offerings where you’ll see individual Lobster Pot Pie (Pictured below–You can mail- order a set of 4 for $84.95, plus $15.00 for postage and handling, so you can have Maine lobster anytime).

Check the reviews of the Stonewall Cafe where one customer insists she’s had the “best grilled cheese sandwich anywhere.” They’re all about comfort food, and they know how to do it.

(Link for Stonewall Kitchen:

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