Busy or Slower-Paced Living?….Which Do You Prefer?….

Question we Weaverville, NC residents wonder: “Why can’t we have our own cinema?”close-up flat rock cinema

When people ask how we retirees got to Asheville, I answer, seriously:  “I don’t really know.  It just happened.”

All I know is that, over many years, we wandered from Maine to Key West, in search of our possible retirement home, and we nixed everything.  The condominium buildings were too close to an encroaching sea (we feared insurance hikes); gated communities or theme parks catered to golfers or boaters (we’re neither.)

We also figured:  “If they want us as members (of their select group), maybe we don’t want them.”

Nothing spoke to us…except Asheville.

But our decision didn’t happen immediately.  When we entered the town center, on that Friday night, 6 years ago, in September, I thought to myself:  “What the heck’s the big deal about this place?”  It had that stuck-in-the-last-century feel to it.

Facades of old businesses, a wig shop…an artist’s supply place.  No Bergdorf’s or Neiman Marcus…”Where was Nordstrom’s?”

I remember thinking:  “It’s not exactly a thriving metropolis.”

But on the 5th. day (no, I’m not talking the Biblical 7th), we bought.

Three townhome communities that vied for our buck were in 3 different towns.

The first overlooked two factories, worrisome to me, in that I was raised in a mill-town.  I know what factories can look like, a few years into abandonment. I’ll admit:  I was concerned for that fact… tho’ that community enjoyed a beautiful backdrop.

Now, our choice lay between Hendersonville and Weaverville. I asked the realtor in Hendersonville what the difference in the two communities was.  She responded: “Oh, there’s no real choice. Anyone who knows the two always prefers Hendersonville…It’s got a lot more going on.”

In the next days we heard from others that shops, retail, restaurants, movie theatres populate that region, heading south, along Hendersonville Road, out of Asheville.  In fact, it gets so busy that traffic, there, is often congested.

But We’re Growing…Fast

Weaverville, 8 miles to the north out of Asheville, marches to a much slower drumbeat.  Artisan galleries (they’re top shelf,) the NY-style Well-Bred Bakery, a new creperie and coffee shop, library, salon, and pizza place round out much of Main St.’s repertoire of retail.

Around the corner, Goodwill, Ingall’s, Walmart, IHOP, and La Carretta, along with the rash of fast-food emporiums beckon, too.

Where’d we settle?  Yep…the region the realtor panned. She couldn’t know we’d come here to get away from a frenzied Northeast corridor. We wanted anything but ‘busy.’ 

At night, we hear frogs croak, in the nearby marsh, and cocks crow, in the morning, on neighboring farms.  Cattle and horses lazily graze, in the fields, across the street.

In the distance, loom hazy peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Yes, Weaverville is our Tarheel Shangri-La.  But  you’d better get here soon, for folks are moving here, in droves (our townhome community has had 6 sales in the past month!) Some go on market, only to go into Pending, in mere hours.

Others have back-up offers.

Our only regret?  We tire of going cross-town for our Movie Fix (I know–We should get Netfix.)  But we have hope…Lowe’s just came in…Can Regal Cinema (or another worthy contender) be far behind?

Now my question:  “Do you prefer sleepy or bustling?” “What did you choose?”

And P.S….As an aside, I’m serious about wanting a cinema in Weaverville.  Why should developers listen? We Seniors are the folks with dispensable income and time… 

So, for all our sakes, start the Ground-Breaking….As I said, even that adorable little  Flat Rock (a village outside Hendersonville,) has its own cinema, and it runs the latest movies, too….!

We Weavervillians want ours.

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