Ed Iannuccilli’s the Italian American Writer

Ed Iannuccilli is a new friend….We met as a natural progression via our shared interest in writing. Below are some words about him, straight off his blog. In the second paragraph, he trades in his academic persona in favor of a more playful “Dr. Ed,” writer of his memoirs.

“Ed Iannuccilli, a retired gastroenterologist, has had extensive experience in academics, management, governance and entrepreneurial endeavors. Former Chairman of the Board at Rhode Island Hospital, he was a Clinical Professor Emeritus at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University. As a founding father of Ocean State Physicians Health Plan (United Health Care), he became the third chairman of its Board.

Dr. Ed is the author of the popular memoir, “Growing up Italian; Grandfather’s Fig Tree and Other Stories.” The success of his book has resulted in invitations to speak in the United States and around the world of his heritage and of the Italian immigration.”

He writes the blog, too, at www.italianamericanwriter.com (but you can’t go there yet.)

You see, many of us are doing in our later years what we always wanted to do but didn’t have the time or opportunity beforehand, tethered as we were to traditional jobs, raising families, the stuff of life.

I’ll let you in on another trade secret: When one is a writer, he or she tends to seek out other writers for tips on how to navigate in the publication world–especially in this oh-so-new-world of technology.

Then, too, the moral support is critical, for so much of the time, a writer is “speaking” out to a vast universe, many of whom never respond (unless they’re annoyed.) Writers give each other a much-needed boost of morale and practical advice.

How’d I meet Ed? Through Comments we’d written to each other following pieces we’d submitted to our state’s main newspaper, the Providence Journal.

So, blogging…writing…pursuing a whole different byway in life opens one up to all different possibilities. It allows one to interact with folks she’d most likely never meet on this journey. And because they’re all artists, of sorts, the chance meeting promises to be exciting.

Now, I invite you to meet Ed Iannuccilli, former gastroenterologist and Chairman of the Board at Rhode Island Hospital. Check out his blog at: http://www.italianamericanwriter.com/ (You’ll note Biddy Bytes is on his Blogroll and Italian American Writer’s on my “Favorite Sites.”)…Pass the information/link along to others who might enjoy his books available on his site.

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