Do You Do This Wickedly-Inefficient Thing?

(Yes, I have a smart phone with oh-so-clever features. But I never really give it a chance to impress me with what it can do. After all, no one likes a smart-ass…phone or otherwise.  But there’s another reason, too…..)

OK, I can manage to do it a couple of times…send out a Tweet, that is, and then, I forget. That’s right.  Unless I have a daily reminder, permanently affixed to the front of my computer with bold-typed “Send Tweet” out, I never remember, and even the few times I note the prompt, I forgot to follow up on other occasions.

So, I Tweet very infrequently and in some cases, almost never. And that’s why, when Twitter informs me I have another person following me, I’m shocked.

Therefore, I’m a less-than-engaging social media person (some Tweet many-times-per-day.) Hell, I can’t even remember passwords to my accounts (yes, I have a few) that I need if I want to Tweet.  It makes it all a terrible ordeal, right along with trying to recall my on-line bank account log-in and password.

You see, I thought I did a brilliant thing a while back when I set up all those different passwords.  I had logically thought it all out:  No one would crack my code and have the keys to my financial kingdom. Oh, no, I had 100 different passwords, on 7 different typed-out sheets, filed under Passwords in my file cabinet.

The problem?  Usually, I can’t remember any and must first find the key to my file cabinet, open it, scan through the files I arranged in haphazard fashion, and find whatever one I need.  If I’m really lucky, I find the password.

But as I said:  That password is different for each and every site…

Some passwords aren’t even copied down clearly, as when I penned them hastily, when I didn’t have time to type.  They’re scrawled on little yellow post-it papers, all jumbled together in that file, hanging willy-nilly, off other papers.

I curse…I yell…I plow through ‘til I am overwhelmed again, and then, I give up.

Sometimes I spend so much time trying to find a password I need, I forget why I was even looking for it. I might have had a really burning thought I wanted to add to someone’s blog, but my carefully-crafted mental comment has all since evaporated in the torturous action of searching.

To other indecipherable passwords, I say:  “Oh, why’d I use that one?” Or “So that’s the password for CNN…No wonder the other one didn’t work.”

Yeah, it’s all too confusing. I just want my computer to be rigged for “Instant voice recognition” or “Face or Fingerprint coding.” That would rid me of this nasty work of trying to keep track of all these and my getting so mixed up, in the process.

I’m 67 and I do recognize:  As I get older, All of this is even harder.  And I don’t want to hear that damnable comment from younger folks that we older people just can’t fathom this new technology.  Or they get forgetful (as in ‘dementia’s creeping in,’ or even worse, Alzheimer’s).

Know why we REALLY have trouble remembering these things?  We’ve lived waaayyy longer than many of you, and If the brain never really forgets anything (all things are stored, even if we can’t access them), then we’ve got a whole lot more going on in our cerebral cortexes than the average 20-year-old (Read that: we must try to recall the hundreds of keys we’ve ever had, the many addresses, the phone nos, the bank accounts..) 

So, don’t be so quick to fault an older person’s inability to Tweet, Pinterest, Text…. And you better hope they get that voice recognition thing going before you get any older….

‘Cuz they’re going to have that many more social networking sites when you’re seniors.

***Now, tell the truth:  I’m not alone in all this…am I? Have you got a really good system for your passwords?  Or do you use the same one for everything?

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