What I Learned from “The Hunger Games”



‘Nightshade’ ( also known as ‘Belladonna’ (Beautiful Woman) is just one of the plants warned about in the glorious exhibit at NC Arboretum , just outside Asheville. 

In an earlier time, young women took the substance to dilate their pupils to make them appear more alluring.  Only problem?  They often got delirious and dizzy, making it impossible for them to focus on what they needed to do.  End result?  They were anything but alluring.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s how they got the term “dizzy broad.”

If you saw “Hunger Games,” you know the distinctive blue berries can be a killer in the digestive tract of some.  Painting on the wall (that’s it, above) and explanation nearby provide interesting information about this deadly berry.

The “Fat David” sculpture produces a roundabout panning of High Fructose Corn Syrup–hence the bloated figure (in direct contradiction to some TV commercials today that tell us ‘Sugar is sugar,’ claiming ‘there’s no difference’).  They say, instead: All sugars are equal.  Nutritionists tell us otherwise, and “Fat David” proves their point. 

Woman slumped over a kitchen table is accompanied in death by a bird in a cage (she was supposed to care for the pet while owners were away.)  They, too, are  are victims of misplaced faith in certain plants they ingested (relax, they’re fake reproductions but eerily good, in the Mme. Tussaud’s Wax Works  kind of way.)

Finally, there’s a room, too, of plants introduced into the North Carolina ecosystem that ran rampant, taking over others in their path. I half expected to see kudzu, the subject of one of my first posts (click here)…but alas, it didn’t merit being included in the exhibit. 

Too many other really heavy hitters.

A phenomenal exhibit. How is it ‘encouragement’ (blog’s title)? We’re encouraged to avoid these deadly plants…

And now, because I led off in this post with the title, “What I Learned in The Hunger Games,” I’ll tell you:  I learned belladonna’s (nightshade’s) deadly.  I also learned never to eat something you’re unsure of (even if it looks like a pleasant-enough berry.)

Consider stopping by on Friday to agree/disagree on my review of this hot movie shot nearby in DuPont Park and learn why I voted it “a 3-P movie.”

It seems everyone’s coming to Asheville…..

Now, tell me…Did you learn something from “The Hunger Games”?  What?

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