‘Doin’ It Right’ at Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery

How many working farms does little Rhode Island have?  The good news is the figures’s growing.  By 2011, there were 1219 farms on over 61,000 acres,  Even more interesting, we have 40 Farmers’ Markets (you know, the open-air variety where the vendors sell right to the public in fields and grassy knolls.)  This writer loves those.

We have been so successful in that venue that we are #3 in the nation for selling most farm products directly from farm to the public (something we’re doing right).

Another place we ‘do it right’ is in farms like Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery, in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.  Some people go so far as to call it a  “Cow Country Club” of sorts.  Why?  Animals are afforded every dignity and accommodation. 

Yes, at Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery, there’s a cow Maternity Ward where the ladies can lie down if their burden gets too heavy; small sheds are for babies to grow undisturbed by jostling of the larger cows (they’re not ‘veal factories’).  In short, everything’s clean and healthy. 

Then, too, there are strategically-placed signs that tell the public how nutrient-rich milk is to the diet (elinimating need to ingest large quantities of other foods). Visitors learn how much milk is needed to make 1 lb. of butter or how much broccoli a person needs to eat to get the calcium equivalent in 1 cup of milk (Woah!!)

So, Wright Farm, a stellar example of farming done right (R.I. Department of Environmental Management named Wright’s “2011 Dairy Farm of the Year.”)  How many does little Rhode Island have?  By last count, 7000 working farms dot the landscape. This one’s one of the best.  They’ve got a really fantastic bakery, too. Imagine, having a separate section of the bakery webpage set aside for “Hermits?” It’s a great place to visit, take the family, watch the milking and have a snack (the cream-filled cakes are delicious!)

                                      The Ladies in the Maternity Ward await their babies, in comfort.

Now, click this link to find out “What Grows On in Rhode Island News” and click again on the date on calendar on that site and find what activities abound for that day (it’s pretty cool–it tells you all)…List of the afore-mentioned Farmers’ Markets are there, too, and when they operate.  So helpful….

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