“Come Out…Come Out…Wherever You Are…..”


Is Jimmy Hoffa buried beneath a house in Brooklyn?  On an ocean floor, attached to an anchor?  Under  a hastily-thrown up condominium building in Florida? Or in the stone wall of this estate (above) in Newport, Rhode Island?

Now, pardon me, but just why is Hoffa’s body location so damned newsworthy at this point?

These stories get me:  “Who really killed JFK?” “Did Marilyn really die of a self-administered drug overdose (a.k.a. suicide) or “Was there another more onerous reason?”  “Is the King of Rock and Roll (Elvis) still alive?”

News media keep regurgitating these stories, bringing them out, every few years or so, and when they hit the airwaves, they remind us all that there’s still a mystery involved.

In the case of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s loomed more of a financial windfall for relatives and benefactors as ‘deceased’ person than he ever did when he was alive, for then, he was considered a frivolous spendthrift who trusted an army of enablers.  Speculation is unending and it fuels the talk:  “What really happened there?”

Anna Nicole Smith is another whose rise to superstar heights failed in reality, but in death, she achieved such lofty status.  Unfortunately, her much-sought-after glory is compromised by her difficult last videos, allegedly made by her trusted confidant and business partner.

Sad that her rambling, incoherent words would be her last earthly testimony.  Sadder still that her ‘friend’ would capture such and unleash them on the world.

Why do we ponder these supposedly unsolvable issues? And, in the end, why does any of it matter?

Jimmy Hoffa hung out with some pretty tough characters, folks who wouldn’t necessarily negotiate differences over a union/management table.

But this continually revisiting the theme of “Is he (here?) or (there?)” merely shows how desperate we are to distract ourselves from issues we might really do something about:  like alternate energy sources, our national debt, new industry ideas for the 21st. century.

Instead, we’re stuck on speculation as to where some older white dude lies buried—40 years after he went missing.

And that just defies logic.

So, here’s my question:  Why do we care? (for if we didn’t, mags wouldn’t publish such.) And if I put the link to the story about Hoffa, below, am I an enabler, too? 

Here it is (especially for you younger people who may not know the man who’s grabbed more fame for where his elusive buried body might be.) http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/28/justice/hoffa-fascination/index.html?hpt=hp_inthenews


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