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Illustration from Book 1, Story 2 of Grandpa and the Truck stories called “Ralph and the Bloodhounds” (…It’s a little spooky out in them thar hills –of Virginia– that is.)

Some people were confused and e-mailed me that they couldn’t access the audio clips on the site, so I am putting them on Biddy Bytes site today…Just click on each of the subgroups under Excerpts, beginning with “Intro.”  These audio clips are brief (and I think) exciting. Imagine telling a 4-8 year old, with their eyes all wide, as they anticipate the ending.

To order books (they make great gifts), go to the link on the latest post on the site.

We’ll be holding autograph sessions, too, so children can have Grandpa “Gater” –or author–autograph personal copies for each.

Reviews are beginning to come in and they are important ones….parents, an author who’s written several books herself, and one man who shared the book with his child’s pre-school director (this director LOVES the book and will order copies for the school.)

But don’t take my word for it–Listen to the excerpts and judge for yourselves. 

What do most seem to really like about this book? Each book teaches many things (remember, I’m a teacher first and foremost.) They’re not merely sweet little books with cute story lines: they highlight geography (kids follow the truck in each story); regional differences in America (Grandpa will eat shrimp and grits in Biloxi, Mississippi and deliver up a winding road in West Virginia to a mine owner atop a mountain); respect for others (Grandpa has trucking buddies from all backgrounds and ethnic groups) and Nature; and each teaches amazing life lessons.

And all stories follow up with a question sheet (written at the child’s level).  How do I know they work?  I test-drove each of these stories on our own little guys.

But remember–these stories are not merely meant for little boys. Book 2, Story 1 is “Girl Truckers,” encouraging all people to choose careers based on their interests and abilities–not on whether they’re boys or girls.” This story is paired with “Grandpa Meets the Hurricane,” when Grandpa finds himself in the grip of a hurricane in the middle of the night.

Each of the Grandpa and the Truck books (3 are planned for release by October)  is comprised of two stories, beautifully-illustrated by Asheville artist, Dana Irwin.

For autographed copies now, order right from the site. If you specify you want autographed copies, let us know that informationwhen you order–just please tell us author or Grandpa “Gater” autograph and clearly print out person for whom you wish the book autographed.

To read reviews, go to, then “books,” then type in Grandpa and the Truck.  Once you’re there, scroll down til you get to customer reviews. If you’re one of those who’ve gotten the book already, feel free to add your own review, and Thank you…

As we move forward with this venture, we hope to hear from other truckers as to whether they share these memories and parents/teachers as to how their little ones like Grandpa and the Truck…

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