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Things in life that defy classification, for they’re bizarre, unique, interesting,endearing,provocative or all of the above….

Asheville and Surrounds: Land of Contradictions

  Gunrunners pic of AK-47 on one end of this multi-purpose building vies with “Jesus Is Lord” on the other. Seeming contradiction? This building’s in Tenn., a short distance from the NC border and Asheville, where we live 5 months … Continue reading

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“Colleen…Move the Vahse….”

  I recall the situation as if it were yesterday, even though it happened about 55 years ago. My mother was all excited.  A grand person…a colonel…was expected to visit.  He was coming to see us, the family of a … Continue reading

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“Come Out…Come Out…Wherever You Are…..”

  Is Jimmy Hoffa buried beneath a house in Brooklyn?  On an ocean floor, attached to an anchor?  Under  a hastily-thrown up condominium building in Florida? Or in the stone wall of this estate (above) in Newport, Rhode Island? Now, pardon … Continue reading

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