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Things that suggest there’s a higher order at work. Some people call that Higher Order God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, a Higher Order…whatever.

A Special “Biddy Bytes” for Thanksgiving

  “Waste of a Heart?” Hardly Black and white is the color theme in her shop, but it’s hardly maudlin. A painted banner of a version of an Edmund Burke  quote runs across an interior beam of the store, stating: “Evil Triumphs … Continue reading

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Grammy-Nominated Tamar Davis Tweets Biddy Bytes on Twitter…

  In this world where negative appears to fly (“Jersey Shore” etc.), encouragement blogs are “grossly under-represented.” In other words, just like what I see on television, attack-mode dialogue seems to be preferred, and blogs that channel negative energy seem to garner … Continue reading

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“I’ll Die When It’s My Time (Apparently)”

(Looks tranquil enough, here, doesn’t it? But weather experts say: Conditions change in a heartbeat. On one occasion, a ferry loaded with people went down in the turbulent waters, when a storm came out of nowhere. Several people drowned. Such … Continue reading

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