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“Hugo” Feels Like “The Artist”

  I love this kid…Resilient, properly-guarded, smart, beaten-up in life, but sensitive and focused outwardly–a major contrast to the self-centered genius Melies. Well, hubby and I recently watched the Martin Scorcese film “Hugo,” in our ever-constant attempt to see movies of note from … Continue reading

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Samantha B’s Fatal Flaw: the B-Word

Ann Curry of the Today Show says she ‘touched a nerve,’ and she also asked journalist-guest Samantha Brick, “Are you serious?” (in her assertion that women hate her simply because she’s beautiful.) The journalist who’s a freelance writer for the … Continue reading

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Get a Life–Magazine, That Is….

Remember Life magazine?  This one came out on Nov. 19, 1945, 10 days past my first birthday and just look at the cover–a focus on belts (it was a much simpler era.) The model seems to have a waist that … Continue reading

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