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In My Next Life, I Want to Be Male

(Here they are, three of the 60 that call themselves the Asheville Yacht Club. You can join them, too. The only talent you must display is a strong inclination to play.) In my next life (if there is such a … Continue reading

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Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”

  (“The Fog Warning,” a famous painting by Winslow Homer, is a smaller version of the boat in the story.) ***The following story summarizing Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” is inspired by the sequence of horror confronting the Japanese people, … Continue reading

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A Day at Connemara: Soaking in Sandburg

(Idyllic, almost-Asian artistry of form: an early Spring branch against a still pond, at Carl Sandburg’s home in Connemara, Flat Rock, North Carolina….Fish lazily swim in eddies, lulled in the warming rays of the sun. Photo by CKMellor, Spring 2011). … Continue reading

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