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What’s with the Yosemite Hikers?

(Here’s an example of the Black Virgin…This one is in Czestochowa. There are many theories offered for her skin color, depending upon the ones doing the offering…) Four deaths in a little over a month. What can these nature-enthusiasts be … Continue reading

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The Real Sanitation Engineers

All right…they’re not the most attractive of fowl. Edgar Allan Poe immortalized one in his poem, “The Raven,” when that bird kept croaking at the door (**Note–he didn’t “sing.”) They’re particularly big at Halloween and can be found on any … Continue reading

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‘Something Wicked This Way Comes:’ Beware Deer Ticks

(Here’s the little critter that can wreak so much misery. Note their distinct markings and the characteristic ringed bite. They hang out in leaves, on grass, in the woods, and they’re waiting to bite you or ones you love…..) “Alert!…Alert!…Alert!!! … Continue reading

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