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The difficulties faced by those who are ‘challenged’ in today’s world and how we as a society can improve life for all.

“Write What Haunts You…”

“Biddy Bytes” appears once-a-week, on Mondays, while this author works on her book, Patient Witness, about her ongoing, lifetime experience with the medical industry.  Her posts are often snippets from the life of its creator, Colleen Kelly Mellor, and like … Continue reading

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Tips for When You’re Stranded in an Airport…

  See the plane reflected in the window? And the blue body bags, in a row, in front (Click on pic for closer shot)?  Those are other hapless travelers stuck in Ronald Reagan Airport on this memorable night. Remember when … Continue reading

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Recognize the Angels in Your Midst

A Tribute to Rhode Island Lawyer:  Joel Chase Yep, you read me right…”Tribute” and “Lawyer”–Two Words You Won’t Often Find Together….But make no mistake, when you’re at the edge of an abyss, it’s great to find a champion…. I’ve said … Continue reading

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