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The Exam You Never Want to Have

  But you might want to start, with your first exam (if you’re an average healthy person) around the age of 50…Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to… They were all lined up, each on a gurney, groggily coming … Continue reading

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Keep This Killer at Bay

***Please note:  While Colleen Kelly Mellor completes her book Patient Witness, documenting her lifetime experience with the health care industry (it’s ‘wicked interesting’ as they say in Rhode Island), she’ll post to biddybytes on Mondays, only….. ___________________________ Divots on noses…the … Continue reading

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Why Brit. TV is Waaayyy Better for Women

See the pic to the right…What’s the thing you note most?  I thought so….That’s the image most American TV producers believe we American women aspire to…They’re sadly mistaken.  Oh, I know young American women watch “the Kardashians” and “Real Housewives … Continue reading

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