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The Exam You Never Want to Have

  But you might want to start, with your first exam (if you’re an average healthy person) around the age of 50…Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to… They were all lined up, each on a gurney, groggily coming … Continue reading

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“Memories of a Milltown Girl”

Centreville Mill, one of the many big factories in the town where I grew up.  Now, they stand like ghosts on the landscape….   Our high school class of 1963 (woah, we’re old) just had its 50th. reunion, and here’s … Continue reading

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Having One of These Can Increase Life Expectancy

Get one of these-Pets, that is..And depending on where you live, some places are ever-more-pet-friendly than others..Read on…. (In Asheville,  North Carolina, Critter magazine is dedicated to animals…one more sign attesting to how pet-friendly this town is.  Now, I ask:  … Continue reading

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