Bunker Building

So we’re all still here after the Rapture? You know, that cataclysmic event forecast by Family Radio president Harold Camping, telling us the world will end in a series of rolling earthquake events pegged to their unique time zones. At that point, the believers will ascend to Heaven to be with God, while the rest of us confront the misery on Earth for another 6 months and then we perish.

You’d think a non-delivery of this catastrophic event would silence those self-same prophets, but it doesn’t. They just tweak their message and move on, and their legions of supporters listen still, ever sure those predictions WILL occur; it’s just a matter of “when.”

Do you remember the nuclear bomb shelters some built in the 50’s to insure their families would survive an atomic war? These structures had walls and ceilings of 10-15 foot thickness of concrete to insure against radioactive fallout, if they actually survived the bomb drop.

In the pantry of these shelters were canned goods, bottled water, and emergency medical supplies that would enable life for many months. Batteries for flashlights and radios were stored to allow the family to perform tasks in the inevitability of blackouts. Books, magazines, and games were stacked against the need to provide recreational outlet for the family. After all, radios and television stations would probably be silenced, unless they, too, went underground.

But the bomb shelters’ very existence was born of a depressing reality: To survive the nuclear disaster, we needed to forego life on earth and forge another life underground, like the Morlock who lived in subterranean enclaves in HGWells’s book, The Time Machine.

I had a seller a few years back (when I was still a realtor) who actually thought the bomb shelter he built in the 50’s was a positive aspect of a property he wished to sell now, though it was a dated and sad reminder of the Russian/American Cold War we all thought might go “nuclear” at any point.

He was naïve, for no one wants something built in the 50’s to protect them now.

That’s why folks today are building new ones. Yep, on a news program recently, I heard about the new move to bunker-build and saw it further corroborated on my Alexa bar (on my computer), the ticker tape feed that spews out top news of the day, coming across my screen. It read: “Bunker-building—the new trend.”

But today, it’s the very wealthy who commission such.

Yes, some select groups are constructing them waaayyy deep—underground—so they can survive future world holocausts. Reading the article, one learns there’s a cadre of special builders who do this sort of thing, mindful of specific codes that need to be met (subterranean building is different). They know, too, where to get the building materials they need.

But these structures are far different from those we remember from the 50’s which were basically heavily-insulated basements. Today’s builders construct whole subterranean cities that provide all the comforts of life on earth, those the mega-rich will enjoy.

These denizens feature spas for exercise and beauty regimens, pet centers, amusement arcades, theatres, restaurants, all securely positioned away from radioactive fall-out, flooding, earthquakes, etc. Why are they especially sought now? If the Rapture got the wrong date, we still need get through the year 2012. That’s the time the ancient Mayans supposedly predicted the end of life as we know it. Since it’s been prophesied for eons, the Mayan date’s got gravitas.

To be fair, it’s hard to pooh-pooh the predictions of the doomsday prophets. To date, we’ve endured: earthquakes (2 recent major ones: one in Japan and one in Thailand); devastating wars throughout the Middle East with their carnage and destruction; tsunamis that have killed thousands and wrought significant damage on cities and towns; a nuclear catastrophe; fish and wildlife kills, debilitating floods.

Now, here’s my problem: If such a thing did occur, I’d never want to survive, for life as I know it would no longer be possible. The people I care about would most likely be gone. Then, too, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy nature (I’d have to forego woodland walks, hikes in the mountains, picnics, bike-rides).

I’d be forced to live in an unnatural atmosphere without natural light.

But most of all, the new world occupants would be the very rich, that entitled group who’d build the new communities to their specifications. Gone would be the average Joe’s or Jane’s of which I count myself member. And I know: In the rarified air of that elitist group, I’d be most uncomfortable.

So, bunker-building? Not for me. I’ll take my chances with the next life. Who knows? Maybe the one after this really is “the Rapture.”

But if you’re intent on doing this, here’s a link to help: http://blog.2012pro.com/2012/10-tips-how-to-build-bunker-to-survive-2012

And here’s a company that says it can build you a bunker to your specifications (but I found it hugely interesting as to where they get their labor force). On this site, hit the Site Map and bring up info. about Bunker-Builder Kurt, and then, tell me, too: “Would you like to survive a global meltdown if you could live in an elegantly-appointed bunker city?”


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