Beware the Body Snatchers

(Here they are, running away from the alien life force bent on supplanting them, when all they really needed fear was “Going to sleep.” That’s when the real action happened.)

The title suggests the 1950’s film about an alien life force coming to Earth and taking over people–literally and figuratively. If the humanoids slept (even momentarily), they became ready hosts for a hostile takeover in a “snooze/you lose” scenario. What gave proof to the knowledge a Body Snatcher succeeded? Their flat affect. Apparently, personality wasn’t part of their DNA equation. They walked about like zombies, devoid of emotion.

But I’m not really referencing this classic from Hollywood. More to the point, my topic is Identity Theft, the fastest growing concern among the citizenry today in the arena of personal finance. Why? It’s the #1 consumer complaint to federal agencies, the ones who police such stuff.

What’s brought on this avalanche of concern? The fact that today 1 in 5 people will suffer the effects of such as perpetrators access their bank accounts or break into otherwise personal repositories (credit card accounts of retail stores and mail order businesses). When they get that information, they run up bills in their name.

After all, it’s the age of computers and technology, and the hackers are out in full force, often a mini-step behind security wizards who attempt to make their lines of defense impenetrable. When felons crack each new code, they consider it another coup d’etat, a true accomplishment in the same way folks hike the highest peak of the Himalayas….Why do they do it? Because it’s there. The same thing motivates the hackers (OK, maybe that’s a stretch).

But they’re not alone….The foot crooks are still about, too; they’ve merely ratcheted up their offensive drive, figuring other methods to beat us out of our hard-earned money.

But, there are ways we can all police the situation, insuring we won’t be hapless victims. HLN’s Clark Howard invites us to follow a certain prescription to avoid being in their snare (His site‘s got a lot of other really useful information, too).

Click on link below to learn “Biggest Cause of Identity Theft”…I think you’ll be amazed (I was)…In fact, I guarantee it. His advice is another useful tip in the vein of: “Don’t leave checks in your mailbox for pick-up.“ When you raise the flag to alert postal worker there’s something going out, that flag alerts criminals to make their own “pick-up,” harvesting your check and personal information.

The overall message of this post is: Dopplegangers abound and we need employ methods to resist their advances.

Only by sharing such information will we protect ourselves against ever-wily, predatory types bent on overtaking us, in Body Snatcher mode. If you’ve got your own piece of proven remedy, please share at “Comments“ or “Leave a Comment.“ You’ll need to give your e-mail address (for ID purposes), but it’s never published (see other Comments), and it’s never given out. Promise! Now, please pass along this information to others you think might appreciate. The buttons are below.

And, for a bit of nostalgia, click on the first link to bring you back to the original (and still considered “best”) movie of “Body Snatchers,” starring Kevin McCarthy and Carolyn Jones (click on the trailers) before you follow up with accessing the next two links that offer protection advice regarding identity theft..Print up the list of recommendations proferred by a lawyer and e-mail the advice to others. I believe you’ll find his information most useful; I know I did.

In this way, we’ll become a virtual neighborhood crime watch group, helping one another avoid victimization by others.

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