Want to Blog?…C’mon…It’s Fun….


Why do I write this blog? ‘Cuz I don’t plan on being the Only Coherent One in that nursing home….

With my luck (and yes, it’s been bad,) when I’m in my 80’s, I’ll be surrounded by catatonic, drooling types who can’t communicate, whereas if I have access to the internet and an audience, I’ll be “free” to communicate with lucid others. I can travel; I won’t even need to leave the building.

That’s my selfish reason.

Then again…I have fun when I write.  You see, I’m having conversations with you, even if many of you remain mute.

I would prefer, of course, that you talk with your fingers, on your keyboard, as in “Comments” (all you gotta do is scroll down to lower section of each post, click “Comments,” then begin).  

Some of you are finally doing that (commenting, that is), and I’d like to think I’m responsible for your Maiden Voyage as Blog Responder.  Commenting on my blog will get you ready to do that on others.

You can disagree with me, too, in that Spirited Debates are fun.

If you consider blog-writing (that term means ‘journaling’), I’ll share what I’ve learned, over 3 years: 

(1.) Focus on niche audience.  I didn’t do that, originally.

My blog (for almost 3 years) was “Encouragement in a Difficult World” but “encouragement” is waaaayyy too general. If I searched for Blog of Encouragement via Google, I found I was lumped in with all the Christian and Born-again websites (I guess Google thinks they’re the only ones offering real “encouragement.”)

Now, unless I’m Billy Graham or Joel Osteen, I don’t want my blog labeled “religious.”

So, now I focus on life in two worlds—Asheville, NC, and Rhode Island. I hope to grab folks interested in both locations, others considering living in either, and any who straddle different worlds, as part-time residents (even sane or insane).

But I freely admit: My focus audience may now be too narrow. It’ll be an ongoing process ’til I find my sweet spot.

(2.) Make posts (articles) keyword rich.  Meaning? Keywords for this article will be:  blogging, blog responders, commuting life, seniors, Rhode Island, Asheville, hashtag, keywords, crawls, niche, GoDaddy, WordPress (among other terms.) In other words, they’re the important words in my piece..subjects I talk about.

You can see keywords I’ve most frequently used in past posts in the Cloud Pool  (right-hand column on my website.) Note that Asheville, Rhode Island, and North Carolina are in biggest print; they’re keywords I use most often.

Keywords are how Google crawls my posts and makes it possible for those who search for specific key words to find me…Remember, the world wide web is a universe.  Navigation tools are critical.  Keywords let that happen.

Keywords are like hashtags (#seniors is example) in Twitter. They’re ways of categorizing content.

(3.) Use WordPress or similar website format for your blog (I have 3 websites—Biddy Bytes, Grandpa and the Truck, and Patient Witness at www.colleenkellymellor.com).  You’ll need a host site (mine for first two is GoDaddy and I recommend it; Yahoo controls the third (ironically enough, that one’s now “down” so I’m not recommending.) 

So, steps @1, #2, and #3 of blog-writing (Remember–We’re just “journaling” or diary-writing.)….

But remember—This diary goes PUBLIC.

Want to begin your own blog?  What are you passionate about?  (It can be knitting, fishing, a budding real estate career, teaching, your own version of 50 Shades of Grey…whatever.)

Start with short entries and include your own pictures (‘cuz they add fun to pieces and you won’t need to worry about crediting/getting permission from others for their material.) An added benefit is:  Picture-taking for a blog makes you a far better picture-taker.

If you’re nervous, drop me a line and I’ll talk you through the angst…

‘Course, at the end of it all, you will need to hit the “Publish” button but don’t panic…We’ll get you there…

That’s when we separate the men from the boys… women from the girls.

**P.S.  Finally, I categorize this piece as “travel” (you’ll need to categorize it as a type)… Can you tell me why it’s “travel”? (Go back to the top of this post for a hint)..

Now, tell me:  Have you considered blogging…Want to give it a try? (C’mon…I welcome the company of friends out here, in the blosgosphere.)

***Now, tune in Friday to discover “Future Posts on Biddy Bytes” …It’ll foreshadow what you won’t want to miss and give the calendar timeline….

***And here’s another tutorial on blogging for you who are just at the ‘consideration stage’ (it’s like grieving, that way (the only way)–There are stages one goes through before you’re ready.) If you continue reading my blog, I’ll give you more tips, too, in future….

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