Big Announcement: Come By Tomorrow, Tuesday (Don’t Forget)


Yes, that’s right…a big announcement is in the wings for tomorrow–Tuesday–the 22nd. of May.  “How so?” you might ask.  “Tuesdays are not the usual day for a Biddy Bytes’s post.”

That’s the beauty of it all:  Biddy Bytes will change its schedule in favor of a really BIG announcement, and I sincerely hope you’ll be on board.

There are currently 3500 readers a month who actively read this blog, folks who stop by on a regular basis, and I deeply appreciate your tuning in. 

Now, you’ll have another choice, too, if you’ve enjoyed this forum which is basically a potpourri of all subjects (hubby calls it a “pot-pourri”… with no attempt at frenchification.) 

But you’ll have to drop by tomorrow to learn all about the new Biddy Bytes’ plan and what I’ve been doing since last summer, spending 16 hours a day… every day… on this new project.

See you then…(If you’re like me, you’ll need to put a note on your computer to remind you to stop by..) I’m sincerely hoping you do. 

That’s tomorrow…. 7:00 AM…But you can come by at any time after that, of course.

Why am I telling you today?  Because many of you faithfully stop by for the schedule I’ve adhered to for almost two years–posting  stories on on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

But things are about to change…

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