“Are You Going to the Wedding?”

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One might say: The Duchess’s passion is compassion. Owner Judith A. Maisel (the Duchess) is a Brit., and a lovely woman she is.


I seem to remember reading how we (as a young country) kicked their royal arses out over 300 years ago because we’d had it with the monarchy, the aristocracy, and all things Brit. After all, we (in this new land) were too independent and didn’t take to having our tea (and other items) taxed–especially without representation.

Yes, our rag-tag, home-grown troops fought the best Navy and Infantry in the world, and we won!!! But now I’m not so sure about our independence, anymore, for in 2011, our country seems consumed with all things British, and everyone appears abuzz with talk of “The Wedding.” Invitations for group viewing of the televised event are going out (like those for Super Bowl parties); homes are being decorated in the motif of the Union Jack; the foods to be served sound strangely British (tea cakes, cucumber demi-sandwiches, etc.); talk shows focus on the details; the chatter’s on everyone’s lips.

“Which wedding?” you ask. “Well, the BIG ONE, of course, officially uniting England’s Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton, to be televised all over the world on April 29th., the one already hawked daily by all the news outlets (thank God, Will and Kate didn’t announce their nuptials two years ahead of time, as politicians in America announce their candidacy when they decide to run!)

No, Will and Kate (note the familiar abbreviating of their names due to the fact they’re so approachable) were quite civil really, letting the world know only recently (Nov. 10, 2010 was the date) , robbing media outlets opportunity to milk it as they do everything else.

Yes, their declaration of intent was frightfully British in understated elegance: They are to marry…it’ll be a simple affair of 2,000 close friends; it’ll be held in Westminster Abbey.

So far, we’ve learned the Prince won’t wear a wedding band (but bloggers have noted “It’s not like he’s a regular bloke whose wife needs to announce “he’s taken.”) No, Wills is too familiar a face; he doesn’t need a ring to signify he belongs to another. The bride…well…she’ll defer to custom.

There’s been speculation as to whether they’ll have a pre-nup. agreement (c’mon, it’s the Windsor fortune we’re talking here), and in this, the royal family may evidence practical concern. After all, they’ve been burned by others’ selfish interests in recent years. There was that callous attempt by Duchess of York, Fergie, to sell an audience of sorts to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, to a business group (the Prince knew nothing about this).

When the plan was exposed, Fergie was humiliated but the event served to show how out-of-touch with realiy the monarchy is. In addition, it demonstrated how poorly the royals treat their cast-offs (Fergie apparently needed money, desperately; after all, she no longer enjoys favored status and she does have two princesses to raise!)

The celebrity-watchers, the spin-masters, the ones who document alleged important events will analyze all aspects of this occasion from “Who wore what?” to “Who isn’t invited? (Fergie) At the end of the day, the countless comparisons will be made to an earlier Commoner who, years ago, became a future King’s wife. That woman sadly won’t be there to witness the marriage of her older son, for we all know how that played out.

But we Americans seem every bit as taken with the events going on as folks in England. Maybe it’s just that we truly hope the union of this pair of incredibly-likable people works in a way that other, equally-famous one never did. If so, it’ll make up (in a way) for a fairytale dashed many years ago. Do they have a solid shot at it? Yes, for they truly seem to like (and love) one another…and who doesn’t want to go to a wedding like that?

On April 29, 2011, Biddy will be properly ensconced on a damask couch, sipping tea and eating Union Jack pastries, commenting on all the goings-on, with a group of women friends. Sometimes, it’s just so comfortable to get in touch with one’s Anglican roots….especially if they’re not taxing us and they’re a Big Pond distance away.

Only little wrinkle in my euphoria? I just read where the invite is for 5:00AM for events leading up to the actual ceremony and 6:00AM for the wedding. My question: “Couldn’t these Brits. have established the ceremony time at a more convenient time for us Americans?”

No matter–Biddy’ll be watching.

(Emblazoned with gilded insignia on linen parchment, here’s a proper invitation to a Royal Wedding Viewing Party, happening all across America, on April 29, 2011. It says I’m invited by the Lord High Chamberlain… I’m going…What about you?)

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