Are You an Innie or an Outie?

(C’mon…You clicked in because you thought I was asking about your belly-button…right?  But, I’m not.)

Her face is famous the world over as that glorious DaVinci woman, “Mona Lisa.”  Do I know why she’s considered such a great painting?  Hell, no… but some real afficionados early on christened her the ‘greatest painting ever’ and it stuck.

Just like her enigmatic smile.

Folks have been pondering the meaning for years, wondering “Why the faint smile?” or “Does she have a secret?”

The only real surety is:  “She’ll never tell” 

It’s like the rest of us.  You can’t tell by our outward appearance–the face we present to the world– what we’re truly like.

In this post’s title, I’m actually asking whether or not you’re an extrovert or an introvert.  It’s not always easy to determine from outward show.

For instance, some of us effect an outer show of real engagement, talking animatedly with others, appearing ever-so-social, when our real preference is to hunker down with only one or two other folks. 

Or we prefer spending vast chunks of time ‘alone.’  As a writer, I fit that mode.

Where’d I get the subject matter for this post?  It was actually my neighbor who shared this with me.  He says he’s an ‘isolationist’ of sorts, prefers spending time alone (or in company of his wife) to engaging with others…He says no one would ever suspect him of that.

It got me to thinking. I believe I’m that way, too.  Now, which are you?  An innie or an outie?  Would others never guess? Comment below…

And PS…Maybe something like this facial recognition software  will help…Just saying (I know nothing about this company–this is not an endorsement.)


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