One Woman’s ‘Gift’ Another’s Hardship?

I couldn’t do it…I mean, I type on my keyboard many hours a day, 7 days a week. Then, too, I’ve never cared about nail maintenance above the demands of cleanliness. That means I never frequent the salons and spas that cater to that clientele: I just never had the patience for it.

Jazz Ison Sinkfield has been growing her fingernails since she was 22 years old. They’re now 26-inches long and they cost her $250 a month to maintain. She says they’re a “gift from God,” while we’re a bit suspicious, not wanting to believe God would be so bent on gracing someone with such a “gift.”

On the occasion she was videotaped by CNN, Jazz makes it clear she suffers no hardship from those nails, despite the fact the rest of us wonder: “But how does she do the simplest tasks that require digital dexterity?” “What about washing dishes?… typing on a computer keyboard?…personal hygiene?”

During the interview, host Don Lemon asks her how she scratches her ear, while we viewers really want to know: “C’mon, Jazz, how do you do do the parts that require serious invasive action (like scratching one’s butt?”) But Lemon never asks the hard questions…

As a result, Jazz shows all how she scratches her ear….while we’re left to ponder our “other question.”………… (Check out her interview yourself by clicking on the link from

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