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Want to Change Your Body Image Fast?

Question #1:  Can you squeeze a size 12 into a size 8, in a flash?  I guess so if you resort to industrial-strength undergarments?  Question #2:  Why would you ever want to? (On related note, but for the opposite effect, … Continue reading

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Want to Help Rebuild America?

  I’m in the mode of “Buy American.”  In so doing, I have to overcome my practice of buying Japanese cars.  My Datsun and Honda represented a 25-year investment, on my part (I keep cars a long time), so switching … Continue reading

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Teachers Quit When They Have No Voice…

***The following article got 164 “Shares” on Facebook, 6 Tweets, 4 E-mails, according to social media trackers that appear beneath it, in our state newspaper, the Providence Journal. That’s whopping interest.  Is there a market for this important dialogue (education … Continue reading

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