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Busy or Slower-Paced Living?….Which Do You Prefer?….

Question we Weaverville, NC residents wonder: “Why can’t we have our own cinema?” When people ask how we retirees got to Asheville, I answer, seriously:  “I don’t really know.  It just happened.” All I know is that, over many years, … Continue reading

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My Brother-in-Law, Fredric Mellor, RI’s Missing in Action

Fredric Moore Mellor was an American Air Force pilot shot down over Hanoi, in 1965.  We of his family know nothing more than that…that and the fact that his dog tags were released to us two decades+, after he was … Continue reading

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Why Brit. TV is Waaayyy Better for Women

See the pic to the right…What’s the thing you note most?  I thought so….That’s the image most American TV producers believe we American women aspire to…They’re sadly mistaken.  Oh, I know young American women watch “the Kardashians” and “Real Housewives … Continue reading

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