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Biddy Rebuts “15 Ways to Live Like a Cheapskate in Retirement Community”

OK, the topic doesn’t have the allure of Fifty Shades of Grey (why didn’t I write that book?), but the MarketWatch article purports to show us how we can live better in retirement. Pic is from the cover of this runaway … Continue reading

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Don’t Think Your Kids Look Like You? (Maybe There’s a Reason)

As in…maybe they’re not yours after all…. I know mothers sometimes wonder if the child is really theirs.  How do I know?  It happened to me. So, I encourage all new parents to realize:  If you do wonder, you’re not … Continue reading

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A “Footbath” by Any Other Name Is Still a Bidet

   (Pic–below– of bidet– compliments of Tumblr) The Well-Traveled Wife  sent me a cute comment this week, on this blogsite  and I checked her website out…. She goes about, often, as her blog title predicts, visiting worldwide destinations, accompanying her husband.  I … Continue reading

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