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A Day Off, Coursing Through North Carolina Back Roads

Yeah, that’s us (not the photo)…Toss a bottled water, add a plastic baggie of cut-up apple for a snack and off we go, in the SUV, traveling through the hills of western North Carolina.  We’re noticeable:  We’ve got Grandpa and … Continue reading

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Awarding Bad Behavior: An Abuser Takes the Stage

  Chalk It Up to My 30 Years Before a Class is a book I wrote many years ago, and never published. Since so much of it is still relevant, I may publish at some point. Chapters  detail the joys … Continue reading

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Sweeten at Your Peril

  Experts say:  “We recall smells associated with past events in our lives:   That cologne your Mom wore… aromas filtering out of the kitchen,  just before dinner… your Dad’s sweaty smell, when he’d finished mowing the grass on a sweltering-hot … Continue reading

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