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On Vacation to Blue Hawaii….C’mon on back, y’hear?

    Now, enjoy a little of what we’re enjoying… Pics will be loaded, periodically to Facebook, because even in Hawaii, I need my FB Fix (Besides, at this point in my life, what I don’t do regularly, I forget…) Here’s … Continue reading

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A New World Demands Justice for Victimized Women

  I write this at a time when the world recoils from the rape and beating death of a young woman in India and a schoolgirl’s shooting in Afghanistan.  An Ohio town reacts to violence visited upon a young girl by … Continue reading

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We All Need Another Mr. Rogers

  I can write this story because I’m older and I now know about life, at least the years I’ve lived. And, in getting to my age, I’ve acquired one of the most precious things one can have–perspective. That’s why … Continue reading

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