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“Never Sass a Cop!” (Why Can’t I Remember That?)

 (He reminded me of this character who had an attitude so powerful that the medical community named a syndrome after him.) It was November 9—my birthday– to be exact (that’s important to the story,) and hubby and I headed to the … Continue reading

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I’m Outing Myself

 (This quote plaque by Dan Evanhorn sums it all up. Click on it to read its wisdom.  I try to keep this thought uppermost when I get so vexed by other things…) ____________________________ “Use your inside voice” is a directive adults use with … Continue reading

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When ‘Real’ Isn’t Enough

  (Here’s my photo of a grassy section of Goddard Park, in Warwick, RI, at the end of day, with the late afternoon sunlight filtering through.) Went to the movie “Life of Pi”  yesterday, and I must say:  I found … Continue reading

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