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Black Friday? Bah Humbug!

I don’t get Black Friday…Don’t understand the rationale for the whole event.  Stand in line, pushing and shoving, trying to avoid being trampled, arguing over the same piece of merchandise, at drastic reduction. And, it’s supposed to be “fun”…sort of … Continue reading

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Say “Thank you!” Often and Profusely

  When I was younger than my present 67 years, I didn’t bother saying “Thank you” very much.  I never knew that the special effort someone made for me wasn’t automatic; I didn’t know that all people didn’t do those … Continue reading

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You Paid WHAT for Your Wedding?

   Isn’t this wedding decor fun?  Looks like those dandelion heads at the end of summer/early fall, where they’re ready to blow all over…This lighting decor’s expensive but maybe you can come up with a knock-off of the idea. Well, we’re not Dead-Last … Continue reading

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