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Your Own Version of the ‘Colonoscopy Test’ (or “He Did WHAT for Your Girlfriend?”)

I’m pretty sure there’d be legions of women just waiting to pick up where I left off—if anything were to happen.  Why? Women appreciate my husband.  They should…. You see, they’ve heard about him from me and some know him, … Continue reading

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Do You Do This Wickedly-Inefficient Thing?

(Yes, I have a smart phone with oh-so-clever features. But I never really give it a chance to impress me with what it can do. After all, no one likes a smart-ass…phone or otherwise.  But there’s another reason, too…..) OK, I can manage … Continue reading

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“Come Out…Come Out…Wherever You Are…..”

  Is Jimmy Hoffa buried beneath a house in Brooklyn?  On an ocean floor, attached to an anchor?  Under  a hastily-thrown up condominium building in Florida? Or in the stone wall of this estate (above) in Newport, Rhode Island? Now, pardon … Continue reading

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