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Who Buys This Stuff?…..In the Land of the Giants?

  ***Hubby’s 6’0 tall, but this chair dwarfs him.  Good thing he doesn’t suffer Napoleonic complex…The chair’s a buttery leather of course. See the question in the above title? I’m serious…Ever been into Restoration Hardware’s Wrentham, Massachusetts store (for alleged ‘sales’ … Continue reading

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How Many Lives Have YOU Got?

    In dog or cat years, at 66, I’m 462 years old (7 X 66)…that makes me pretty darned old, but if I live to anywhere near my Mom’s age (92,) I’ll be 644 years.  That’s a whole lot of … Continue reading

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“Good night, Mrs. Callabash..Wherever You Are.”

  Remember “Goodnight, Mrs. Callabash…wherever you are,” Jimmy Durante’s sign-off on his famous television show? His was a reference to his first wife, a secret code between them, all explained if you click on this link.  Here’s my version of this… To … Continue reading

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