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Nomenclature (Assigning Words)

  It might have been a mill wall like this where I saw that infamous word… According to Wikipedia, nomenclature is a system of assigning words in specific activities or disciplines. For instance, in medicine, a “coronary” is a heart attack, altho’ … Continue reading

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What Your Facebook Posts/Pix Say About You

  Facebook posts are really indicative of who you are and no one knows that better than Facebook (that’s why ads are targeted to you on the sides of your Facebook page.)  For instance, ever since I began writing the … Continue reading

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Blood Trail

  Here’s the culprit…Still believing he’s a prime specimen of 18 (he’s still very cute!) But that doesn’t mean he IS 18… Whap!!  I heard it clear into the kitchen…the sound of metal slamming against something, and I knew—instinctively, the … Continue reading

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