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Click Below to Listen to Story Excerpts

  Illustration from Book 1, Story 2 of Grandpa and the Truck stories called “Ralph and the Bloodhounds” (…It’s a little spooky out in them thar hills –of Virginia– that is.) Some people were confused and e-mailed me that they … Continue reading

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Recording the Grandpa and the Truck Stories

    (Here’s a picture of a recording studio one can make for a mere $1000, according to  My tech recorder had waaayyy more equipment.  If you’re interested in recording your own work, I strongly recommend Newcastle Sound in Barrington, RI…He’s … Continue reading

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Check in on Friday-

  Two days from now I’ll tell you how I did in my very first recording session at a sound studio (you know, the one with microphones, equipment, all those blinking lights.) Whew!  It was quite the session–two hours, in … Continue reading

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