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Don’t ‘Live Down’ to Your Family’s Expectations

(In the photo, see anyone who stands out as ‘different’?  She most definitely was.  But the others in her family of origin deemed her a ‘freak.’) We hear it all the time:  One’s family of origin dictates the path in … Continue reading

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When Before’s Models Were Better

  The outside appearance of Bantam Chef Restaurant, in Chesnee, South Carolina, belies its greater beauty inside.  For, inside, one can see a classic 1950 Studebaker, set against a black and white tile floor.   Read about its vital statistics, engine power, and unbelievable mileage by clicking onto … Continue reading

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His Dream’s My Nightmare

  (Here are the choices:  On left is a snazzy 18-wheeler he’s itchin’ to get his hands on…The van below it could be the compromise-vehicle.  But, be assured:  we’re not a fringe group, considering doing this, for a good percentage of us are taking to the … Continue reading

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