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When to Get a Pet?

  Answer:  Never…if you’ve got a temperament that won’t abide them or your life situation won’t allow it. (The pen was something like this, but looking at it, “What self-respecting dog would want to be in this all day?”  It doesn’t … Continue reading

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There’s More Than ‘Nessie’ in This North Carolina Lake

  There’s more than Nessie, all right…There’s a heap of hard feelings, too…………. Rib-like strands of sand descend from a copse of trees, testament to the lowered water level of Lake Fontana, in western North Carolina, 35 miles from Bryson City … Continue reading

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Foods We Hate: How Does It Start?

See–they’re trying to hide them in the plate to the right…sometimes they even call them garbanzo beans  (to throw others off).  It won’t work–I know a chick pea when I see one.   OK, I admit it–There’s no rhyme or … Continue reading

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