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What Makes for Brilliant Success in a Person?

10,000 hours of serious attention to one’s craft? Is that the number?  Yes. it’s what author Malcolm Gladwell  references as the minimum necessary if one is to become an ‘Outlier.‘ If that were the sole ingredient necessary, in the world of … Continue reading

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“Girls Can’t Do Math”

  Here’s the Forever 21  ( a store whose clientele are girls and young women) whose recent t-shirt campaign ignited a firestorm, shortly after another retail giant unveiled their t-shirt line: “I’m Too Pretty to Do Homework.”  Both suggest girls needn’t develop higher-thinking skills … Continue reading

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A Rhode Islander’s ‘Other Home’–Asheville, NC

  This is what greets us following our 13 hour trip…the panoramic view of the Smokies in the background (click on photo to enlarge.)  They’re called the ‘Gentle Mountains’ because they almost seem to undulate in waves…no really high precipitous peaks … Continue reading

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