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The Christmas Dormer

Our home glowed orange during the Christmas season, since that was the color of the candles Mom positioned in the windows throughout our two-floor Cape. I felt it a fine choice—the glow seemed heavenly.  Some lights were in tiers of … Continue reading

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Get Your Holiday ‘On’ at Pier 1

  ***Here I sit at a vanity table in Pier 1, trying on those festive masks folks wear for masquerade balls. That’s why I love this place:  You never know what you’ll find. I adore Pier 1.  After all, I bought my first … Continue reading

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Biddy’s Five-Pronged Plan to Meet a Mate

I hear it all the time from young women:  “But how do you meet men?”  Answer:  “They’re all around.  Just change the way you interact…Move outside your comfort zone.  Be daring (but also wise)”… I’ll have more on how to … Continue reading

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